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Pastel colors
Today I´m going to write one of the sweetest post so far, but don´t worry
it´s not going to be about those sweet that makes us fat, instead I´m going to show
to you those ones that looks great almost everywhere.

These pastel colors are very fashionable, and personally I am crazy about them.
As I said they look great almost everywhere we use, creating a warm and welcoming
Normally the formula used is the same one: A white wall base + bright furnitures +
bright or white floor + pastel color accessories for decoration.

We can use them anywhere in our house, and maybe some of you might think that
this type of decoration is more appropiate for a lady, but if we use them in the correct
amount a man can also live surrounded by them, and if you are still not convinced,
you might want to keep reading and check the pictures.

Pastel in the kitchen
The kitchen is the perfect place for this type of color, since fortunately or
unfortunately women are still the ones who spend more time there, so this "light"
decor helps us to be relaxed when we have to work.
This kitchen with white furnitures, white walls, pink tablecloth and bright green lamps
is incredibly cute. Also the white color in this place will always help to create a tidy and clean look.
This one with various type of pastel color creates a perfect combination, plus that cute
fridge (that I hope I can get one day).
Sweet kitchen in white and blue-just perfect

Living room in pastel
This colors also works very well in the living room, but here we should be careful not to
mix too much and make things too "sweet".
Here the base is those white walls, so the mix with the pastel sofas is perfect.
Another good idea is to add some flowers in the same color.
White walls plus bright furnitures-perfect.
Here works in the same way.White walls and bright blue sofas.
We can use this for either a man or a woman.
In this case the wall has a light green color, so we should be careful with the colors
used for the rest of the decoration.
In this case the variation of colors is obvious, but since the floor and the walls have
a bright color the result is really good.
Bedroom in pastel
This incredible room with those fantastic views just invite us to decorate it 
following the color of the sea, so that is why the blue is the main color used here, combined
with white and yellow.
In this case the green color on the wall is the main thing, so we should use white
or a similar color to the green for the rest.
White bedroom.
Beige and pink, a cutie combination.
Pastel colors in the bathroom
In the bathroom these shades are perfect for creating the cozy look that we all like.
Especially if you have a bathtub as the one in the photo so we can take a nice
bath while enjoying this beautiful room.
Bathroom in white and pink.
In this case the mix is bigger, since we are using blue on the walls,silver on the
floors, and pink on the furnitures, but the result is not bad at all.
Bathroom in white and blue.
Pastel at the home office
For those who work at home, we need to be surrounded by a nice decoration, and this
colors just help us to bring a sense of peace and balance to it.

Don´t you feel what you just want to do in a place like this is work, work and work?

Pastel in the dining room
With these colors, who doesn´t feel like eating?

Also this shades will help us to transform any boring corner we have at home, into one
stylish and great.
This corner changed a lot by adding this small couch.
And this other one, just with one chair in that perfect green color, makes us feel 
we want to spend time there.
And this is all for today, what do you think about the post? And specially what you guys
think? you think you are cozy living surrounded by them?

I hope you want to keep reading my tips, and meanwhile you can always follow my
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See you soon!!

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