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Decorating with vinyls
Hello everybody!! I am here again, and today I am going to introduce you a new
kind of decoration I haven´t showed you yet- Decoration with vinyls.
Some of you might be thinking about the old vinyls used for music, since the term
 vinyl might not sound familiar to you in this area.

So let´s move on and learn what is exactly a vinyl.

What is a vinyl?
A vinyl decor is a decoration we attach to the wall like a sticker but it is NOT a sticker.
Some of you might had already heard about this vinyls, but maybe it might not be
clear for youwhat is the difference between a vinyl and a sticker, so today I am going
to help you to clarify that doubt.

I) The main difference is that a sticker can be attached to the wall by using some
 kind of glue,while a vinyl can be attached by using static electricity.
II) The second difference is that a vinyl is easier to remove from the wall, 
while a sticker is a little bit more complicated and usually it turns out broken.
III) The third difference is the price.For example a sticker with a determined 
size might cost 10 euros, while a vinyl with the same size can be 30 euros.
IV) The duration of both is a little bit different.Stickers usually last shorter than a vinyl.
V) Also the stickers can be found in a wider variety of colors, while the vinyls 
are usually created in one or two since they are very delicate.

So now you know a little bit more about a vinyl, so it´s the time to show you 
some examples of how to use them at home.

Hope you enjoy them!

In a bedroom
Decorating with vinyls with a flower shape.
In this case the vinyls represent some city´s view.
Headboard-In this case the vinyl substitutes a headboard.
It´s a cheaper option and really original.
This one we can say is a bit less serious, it would go well in a kid´s bedroom, but still it´s
beautiful and reminds me of a Peter Pan´s movie scene.
Baby room
Using them for decorating a baby´s room is for me the best idea, since exclusive 
designs are created and they are very cute.
Decoration in a baby´s room.
This one could work for either a baby girl and a baby boy bedroom.
Decoration for a baby girl bedroom.
Decoration for a baby boy bedroom.
In the kitchen
I love cooking- Vinyls in brown and pink for the kitchen.
This one is very original and goes perfectly in anyone´s kitchen.
Vinyl which recreates the old bottles that used to be used in the kitchen.
This one is perfect for a big kitchen like in the picture.
Vinyl which represents the moment of separating the water from the pasta once it´s boiled.
Also the contrast between the white of it and the red wall is great.

In the dining room
Vinyl in an original flower shape.

Not only we can find vinyls which represents an object, there are others which are just word
and they are looking great too.
Tree in the dining-room
In the living room
Using a vinyl in the living is a little bit more daring, since the dimensions of them 
are usually not too small.
But if you have some empty wall and you are not sure what to do with it, maybe using a 
vinyl is a good option for you.

In the bathroom
The vinyls in the bathroom can be used at the same time for decorating the wall and
the bathroom utilities.
Vinyl with fishes shape used for decorating the glass of the shower.
Butterfly vinyl for the shower glass.
Octopus legs vinyl on the wall next to the bathtub-It gives a funny point.
Up to here I have showed you only how to use vinyls at home, but those are not 
the onlyplace where we can use them.
Nowadays we can find them in more and more in public places.

Vinyls at the office

Vinyls at the coffe shop and restaurants 

So here I finish my post today. Hope you´ve liked it! And now when you go 
to some restaurant you might like to watch their decoration and who knows maybe 
you can identify some vinyl.

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