jueves, 18 de abril de 2013

Week around the World

In this second post of "Week around the World" I´m bringing you to South Korea,
specifically to a very special hair salon named-Permy Mi Jan Won.
I am going to call it just Permy from now on.

Permy is a hair salon located in Sugi-ju, South Korea, but it doesn´t look at all
like a common hair salon which we can find anywhere. In this case the owner
wanted his to be unique, so with the help of M4 they achieved their goal by using
a very original design which reminds us of a typical Barbie place.
View of the salon from outside.
The outside.
The facade is formed by a big glass wall which includes a door to enter the space.
This makes it possible to appreciate the contemporary style of the place from the outside.
Also Permy´s face is drawn on the wall, which helps to catch the attention of the people
on the street.
This is Permy´s drawing which is located on the outside.
The inside
As we can see on the first picture, in this hair salon of just 36 square meters, only
two colors are used.The intense blue sky one used for the walls, and the bright white
one used for some of the furnitures.

Inside we can appreciate the simplicity of the decoration and the imagination used
for it.
The salon keeps a comic character throughout.
Inside we can find Permy´s face on the wall 
along with a collection of cups with her face showing her different moods, even with a mustache.
As we can see the decor is simple and minimalist, with small
and studied details.
A vintage touch is added by using those customer´s chair
which reminds us of the ones used a while ago.
Also the metal white chairs works on the opposite direction
since it gives a modernity touch.
Another thing which catches our attention are the multiple
lamps hanging from the ceiling.
The are made from transparent bins.

I would definitely love to have a place like this one close to my house, what about you?

Hope you´ve enjoyed the post!
Tomorrow we will stay in South Korea and we will visit a very cute coffee shop!

For the moment you can keep visiting us on our shop online website www.twcshop.com


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