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12+1 Best small apartments in the World

Small apartment design ideas
Hello to everyone again!
Today my post is dedicated to all of you who are living in a small apartment (as I do) 
and we have to use our imagination to make everything fit perfectly without taking
too much space.

Although there is no fixed formula when it comes to designing a small house or an 
apartment, there are a few keys that we can follow in order to achieve a smart

Some tips for success
1) Use bright colors for the walls
2) Multifunctional furniture are your best friends, since they will help you to keep
    things without taking too much space.
3) Try to find some hidden place in the house where you can keep all that stuff
    you never know where to put...
4) Use the walls and clear the ground. If you use shelves you will have more space  
    to walk and hang out.
5) Minimalist furniture is another important key.You don´t want to use big shape furniture
    which takes too much space.
6) Do not over decorate! You will just make the place look smaller.

And now for helping you getting inspired, I want to show you the 12+1 best apartments on
using a small space in a smart way.

1) Sweden
Small apartment in Sweden which secures the habitant every need.
2) Tel Aviv
40 square meter apartment with an original layout

3) Sofia
Small apartment in Sofia decorated with graphic details on the walls.
4) Paris
Red nest apartment of 23 meter square in Paris.
5) Barcelona
Cute apartment in Barcelona perfect for living, thanks to 
a great smart decor.
6) Stockholm
One room apartment in Stockholm, showcasing an ingenious decoration.
7) Gothenburg 
Small apartment in Gothenburg with an inteligent decor.
8) Stockholm 
All in one room apartment in Stockholm.
9) Stockholm
54 square meters in Stockholm.
10) Paris
Surprisingly small apartment in Paris, decorated in white and red. 
11) New York
Small but very bright apartment.
12) Vaasa, Sweden
Beautiful and practical tiny apartment.
12+1) Sweden
Lovely and charming apartment in Sweden, which shows how
to use a small space with an smart decor.
Hope you have enjoyed the post today!!
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See you soon!

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