lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013


Wedding decor with Origami

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend was great!
It´s still wedding season, so today I am bringing a very special decoration for a wedding
made with Origami.
-The Origami (-ori means folding, and -kami means paper) is the traditional japanese
 art of folding paper to create a beautiful sculpture without using glue.
 The one which uses glue is called kirigami.
-Usually the formed figures are based on the Nature; urban art, stars etc..
-There are several Origami techniques such as - wet folding; origami pureland ...

Now that we know something else about Origami, I want to show you how to use
it for a wedding decor.

Let´s start with the wedding invitations

Wedding invitation with a heart shape, made with the art of Origami.
Cute wedding invitation made with folded paper.
For the Ceremony
Arch made with colorful papers with the
shape of a pinwheel.

Colorful decorations made with paper and with
a bird shape, that decorates the ceremony.
Outdoors "altar" decorated with golden swans.
For siting the guests

Curtains made ​​up from paper with a swans shape, from where the
guests list and table number hangs.
Blue paper birds with the name and table number tag.
Small golden swans on the sitting cards.
For the decoration of the place
Hundred of pink paper swans used for
decorating the dinner celebration place.
Swans and flowers made of paper and used to decorate the tables.
Beautiful paper flower.
Outdoors wedding decorated with paper swans in pink.
Purple and pink paper flowers used
to decorate an outdoors wedding.
For the guests

Paper sachet containing some seeds
as gifts for the guests.
Colorful paper cupcakes for the guest.
For the wedding cake
Beautiful wedding cake decorated with blue paper swans.
Cute wedding cake decorated with paper swans in red and orange.
Original wedding cake decorated with colored paper with an 
ombré effect.

So what do you think of these Origami decorations for a wedding?

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See you soon.
For Dora, for those great times we had together, and for teaching me this beautiful art.
You are always on my mind.

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