martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

Deco ideas

Decorating with Embroidery Hoops
Hello everyone!
We are starting a new week, so for helping you getting through it, I am bringing today
some cute decoration ideas.

For those cross stitch enthusiasts, like me, you will know what I am talking about
when I say the words "Embroidery hoops" but I am sure you´ve never imagined
to use them as something else as an cross stitch accessory.
So today´s idea is to give them a different use, one that helps us decorate in a very
original, economical and striking way.

I hope you enjoy today's post!

In the kids bedroom
This embroidery hoops with a neutral color fabric, are a perfect match for
the grey wall in a baby room.
Baby room with embroidery hoops in green. 
Hanging from the ceiling in multiple colors.
This is also a good distraction for our baby.
In this case these colorful embroidery hoops are perfect for
a girl room.
In the living room
EH  in the living room, hanging from the ceiling in multiple colors.
Fit perfectly with the variety of colors which are decorating
this room.
EH in dull colors with a floral decor which
matches the shade of wall and the couch.
EH in different colors in the living room wall.
Also the round mini table matches the shape of the EH.
For other rooms at home
As to be expected, these cute decorations are perfect
for decorating the walls in the sewing room.
It also works perfectly as a board for hanging our notes
in our little home office.
This cute laundry bag, is made with an EH, and the result
can´t be better.
Artistic decor made with an EH for the dining room.
This turquoise headboard is made with some EH, and they are covered
with a cute fabric.
For other uses at home
Perfect for hanging pictures.
Or for hanging Christms cards.
For decorating our cocktail table at home.
Or our kids BD party.
In Christmas it can be use as a cute decoration like this one.
These little cute fishes are perfect for decorating our kids bedroom.
Using them for keeping our daily basis accessories is a
perfect idea.
For weddings
When I saw that embroidery hooks are also used for decorating events such as a wedding,
if really caught my attention.
I personally think it´s a great idea, so that is why I wanted to save it for last, but doesn´t
mean it´s less.
Decorating the place of the ceremony.
More decorations using EH for an outdoors wedding.
EH used for hanging flowers as a  part of the centerpiece for
a wedding celebration.
Eat, drink, be married...
Small EH used for enumerate the tables.
But first you will have to find your table number, and I am sure
that these EH with the guest names and the tables number 
can give you a hand.
Just married...
What do you think of today´s post?
I really hope you´ve enjoyed it!!

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See you soon!

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