viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Chalkboard for decoration

Hi everyone!
Do you have some chalk at home? because today you will need them to enjoy these
original decor that I am bringing.

The chalkboard paint is widely used today to decorate walls and for crafting.
It´s not only durable, but also easy to erase.

Here are some ideas
 The best place to use this type of painting is the kitchen and the pantry.
     You can paint the back of the kitchen door with this painting and use it for
     writing down what you need to buy, or the weekly menu.  

You can also place it at the entrance of the house where you can write what things
      children should not forget to bring back to home.

Another great idea is to create a calendar on the wall where you can write your program
     or your family´s one. You can always change it since it´s easy to erase.

It´s fun for the kids. You can decorate the bottom of their bedrooms with this painting
     or sticker, and it will serve as a place to develop their creativity.

A fun way to use chalkboard paint and stay organized, it to paint pots and jars.
     Can not remember the instructions to grow plants and flowers? You can use this
     painting or stickers and write the instructions on them.
     You have a lot of spices and baking supplies? You can organize them by writing
     each one name on a chalkboard sticker.

Some examples of decoration with chalkboard
In the bedroom
Bedrooms with chalkboard walls.
Bed with chalkboard headboard.
Very original idea.
This bedroom has a very original decor. They used the chalkboard wall
to create a headboard for the bed.
In the Kitchen

Chalkboard fridge- A great idea for writing down the grocery list, or a fun
place for our children to get entertained while we work in the kitchen.
Chalkboard wall in the kitchen, where we can write and paint what we want.
Kitchen cabinets decorated with chalkboard painting. It´s a great idea for 
those people who can never remember where each thing is placed.
Kitchen with chalkboard cabinets.
In the dining room
Dining room with chalkboard walls.
Wall decorated with different style of windows on a chalkboard paint.
In the office
Home office with chalkboard decoration.
Calendar on the chalkboard wall at the office.
We have a similar one in our shop
check it out in the vinyls section.
Meeting room wall decorated with this material.
For other places

Wall in the hallway decorated with chalkboard,
where we can write a nice phrase that inspire us
every time we pass by.
Bathroom wall decorated with chalkboard wall.
Bottles and vases decorated with chalkboard material.
Plant vase decorated with chalkboard- Agreat idea to remember 
what is inside.
Mason jars decorated with chalkboard stickers.
We have very similar ones in our shop-
Bride and groom chairs, decorated with chalkboard.
Door decoration made with chalkboard, where we
can write a nice greeting for our guests.

So, do you like the idea of using chalkboard for decorating?

If you do, you can create your own decoration with some of our products. You can check
them HERE

See you soon!!

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