martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

Decorating with Gold

Hello everyone!
Today in my post, I want to talk about the usage of gold for decoration.
The idea is not to use it as the main element, since we do not want to create an
ostentatious decor and maybe a bit tacky, but to use it in some small details, which it will
add a unique glamour to the space.
Gold was formerly widely used to decorate, but it was not until a few years ago when
its use has resurfaced.
Its advantage over silver and chrome is that its sunny character makes it warmer, so now
we can see it used for walls and large furniture.

You can see some examples here.

In the living room
Living room with golden hearth.
Living room with furniture in gold, like the coffee table and
the two side tables.
Couch and coffee table with golden edges.
Living room wall painted in a shinny gold color, which makes
the space look brighter.
In the bedroom
Very original wall paper with gold decoration.
Beautiful and bright bedroom where the small
golden puffs gives an original touch yet
Romantic style room decorated with some pieces of gold such as the mannequin
and the lamp.
Gold accents on cushions and other decor.
In the kitchen
Modern kitchen with gold on the wall and in
in the stools.
Small touches of gold on the handles and the lamp.
In the bathroom
Bathroom with accessories in gold.
Classic bathroom decorated with tiny gold tiles.
In the dining room
Dining room decorated with a large gold leaf shape lamp.
Dining room with an original decor, thanks to the
gold color on the wall.
What do you think about the idea of using gold to decorate some spaces of your home?
I hope you enjoyed today's post.

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