miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2013

Empty frames

Decorating with empty frames

Hy everyone!
Today I want to show you a very simple decoration, but which result is really great!

Have you ever thought of using a frame for something else than placing a photo on it?
Well, if you haven´t done that yet, now I am going to help you to get some ideas for it.

As I believe it happened to many other people too, the yellow frame on Monica´s door 
on Friends, always caught my attention.
Did you know it was placed there by chance? It was going to be used as a normal frame, 
but when they were putting the set together to start filming, it was dropped and the glass
was broken, so finally it was placed where we all know.
So this way of using the frame (which BTW was sold for $ 42,500) gave me the idea of
searching how to use a framework with different purposes.

Ideas for using a frame 
These multicolor empty frames looks perfect in this white living room.
Frames with different sizes and styles decorating a
This idea is very good if you have a wall like the one in the photo.

Multiple white empty frames decorating the hallway of
a house which main color is also white.
Golden empty frames decorating the hall .
White frames with mirrors placed in a bathroom.
The decor might be a little bit eccentric, but quite original.
Beautiful white frames which decorates a classic and 
elegant bedroom.
Placing them in different ways, is also a great idea 
for decorating a bedroom.
Big empty frame decorated with some small frames inside.
Different sizes and shapes frames, filles with photos 
hung on the wall.
Big frame placed in the porch of a house by the sea.
It creates the illusion of looking at a painting
through it.
Christmas decor made on the wall. 
Original christmas decor made with white empty frames and 
christmas balls.
Perfect background for the bride and the groom with their 
wedding cake.
Vintage frames that decorates a wedding celebrated in a forest in France.
Perfect antique frames as a background of a
wedding celebration.
So what do you think about this way of using a frame?
From now on, if you ever have the bad luck to break the glass of a frame, you´ve got
plenty of ideas of how to recycle it.

BTW today (in Spain) we will announce the name of our "give away "winner.

Good luck to all of you!

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