miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

A fairy tale wedding

Alice in Wonderland

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful week!
Since it seems this week is the wedding week, I am bringing today another wedding decor
which I especially like.

It´s based on the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale, which was written by Charles Lutwidge 
Dogson in 1865, although most of you might know this story since Disney produced a movie
about it.
Fortunately in this fairy tale we can see many kind of flowers, gardens, animals, tea cups,
sweets... so this really helps to create a beutiful decoration without making it look for
a teenager.

Hope you like the ideas I am going to show you now.

The wedding invitations
Wedding invitation based on the Alice fairy tale.
We can read the famous "eat me"
The bride
A bride who chooses this decor can´t stop
wearing a pair of shoes similar to the one
that Alice was wearing.
The bridesmaid
The famous cards must be seen during the ceremony.
The Ceremony
Decorations for the ceremony with the famous
flamingos used in the fairy tale to play.
Of course the white rabbit has to be there somehow.
The celebration party
It is important to know where everything is located, and sure
 these signals can help us.
Cute tags with the names and table numbers for the guests.
For an intimate celebration this decoration is perfect.
Hanging cups, clocks, cards with hearts, just makes 
us feel we are in Alice´s world.
For a bigger celebration this other decoration is perfect.
Centerpiece made with tea jars and cups, flowers and books.
These other centerpieces are made on tea cups and decorated with roses and cards.
Alice drawings hanging from tree branches.
This idea is great to decorate the place for the party.
Clocks should be decorating everywhere.
The wedding cake
Wedding cake decorated with hearts, flowers and the famous black hat.
Wedding cake inspired on the fairy tale. Of course the Queen of Hearts crown 
must be there.
Same picture as last one, but closer view.
After the celebration
Once all the formal part is done, it's time to have fun.
To accompany the music and dancing is very good idea to offer some small 
canapés, sweets etc. ..  obviously inspired by Alice.
Here you can still further enhance the theme of the wedding by using cute decorations

Drinks are a must, as the label on them where we can read "drink me"
More cakes inspired on Alice.
Cute sweets decorated with tea cups and jars, flowers, labels....
Decorations based on Alice and the cards.
Sweets and decor inspired on Alice.
Refreshing drinks with potions names.
Mushroom-shaped seating, to rest and chat.
So what do you think about having a theme wedding?
If you liked this idea, you can start dreaming about it!

See you soon!

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