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Romantic Style

Hi to everyone again!!
I hope you enjoyed the last post about "Industrial Style" and seeing how many
visits we got in our blog in the last few days, it seems you did!! So beside of bringing
today a new post, I wanted to say thank you for reading the blog!

Today I want to introduce you the romantic style, a style that has become more and
more popular recently since it fills our rooms with a magical atmosphere by using
pastel colors, lace, soft fabrics, cute flowers etc...

A little bit about this style
The romantic style tries to achieve a harmony look, one that make us feel calmed and 
rested, so that is why pastel colors are mostly use in the bedrooms, since it helps to 
create a very relaxing environment.

When choosing the furniture to fill your home, look for those with graceful curves 
and in pastel colors (always try to combine with the color you have chosen for the walls) 
and then fill them with other decorations with a little more masculine touch.
You can use beautiful bouquets and place them on the furniture, or also some cute
fabrics with a pleasant touch.
A good tip about where to place  these furniture, is to put them near the entrance of the 
room, so it will help to create a nice serenity feeling.

For the small details, a good idea would be to use those with glitter, as a silver vase 
or a silver frame with a family photograph.

These are almost all the basic ideas we should know about this interesting style, then,
you are free to add what you think it suits best.

For a little bit of inspiration, I chose some pictures.

In the drawing room or hall
Hall with a perfect combination of neutral tones
based on an armchair and a beautiful antique clock. 
In case you want a more elegant hall, you can combine
white and purple which will help you get a more
 sophisticated result.
In the living room
Beautiful romantic style room painted in white
and decorated with colorful furniture which helps
create a beautiful contrast.
Romantic style living room with curvy furniture in pastel colors.
Here we can see the idea of using a vintage screen, which we will
see also for decorating other rooms, since it´s an
essential element in this style.
In the bedroom
In this case they combined the pastel color used on the walls, with
furniture in a more basic shades.
In addition, a chest-dresser is a great idea and very functional.
Romantic style bedroom in white.
In the kitchen
In the kitchen also white is the main color for the walls.
Also we can use some light gray too.
For getting some color, add colorful accessories.
In the dining room
Lovely dining room in a white-grey color, with curve shape furniture, and
with light color decoration.
In the bathroom
Bathroom decorated in pastel colors with little decoration,
but very well chosen.
The tub beside being beautiful, it combines perfectly with the shade chosen for
the wall and is a perfect element for this style.
This bathroom becomes a romantic one, thanks to the
wonderful ecliptic shaped mirror.
In other rooms
Is there anything more romantic than a writing desk?
It is the place that was used to write those beautiful letters to your love, 
or some beautiful poems.
Therefore, it is perfect for this style.
Here we got a beautiful corner, thanks to the use of a wood screen, that
helps us get some privacy in a very special way.
Any corner is just perfect for decorating it with some
cute flowers or with some small delicate accessories.
Beautiful corner of a bedroom where the closet with straight and curvy
lines is 
definitely the protagonist.
Another good idea is to use old mannequins as the one in the photo.
And we can not forget to mention that versailles style lamp hanging
on the ceiling of this room.
What do you think about this style? Would you use it for decorating your house, even 
if you are sharing it with your other half?
I think it is possible to have this kind of decor even if we live with a man, as long as you 
know where to set the limit on how romantic you want it to look.

I hope you have enjoyed it, and see you soon!

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