lunes, 19 de agosto de 2013

Funky style

Decorating with Funky style
Happy new week everyone!
Today I want to talk in my post about one style that we haven´t covered yet in the Blog,
the Funky style.
This Funky style would be appropiate for those who dislike having the same thing
as others.For those who prefer unique pieces, even those which might look funny or strange.
Some features:
-The real key is to personalize our decoration as much as we can. For that we can use
 photographs, posters, cans etc...
-It tries to use the best from the past, and combine them with the modern decor.
-The palette of colors used is wide. You will see some yellow, green blue, as you
  will see gray, brown...
-"Order & disorder" is another key point in this style.
   We will see plenty of objects in every room which will wake up our curiosity and
   make us look and study them.
Example of an apartment with this style
Bright apartment decorated with a Funky style.
We can see the use of geometric figures like in the rug and on the ceiling.

Picture of the living room but from another perspective.
 Comfort is very important as we can see. The furniture have smooth lines, with 
few traces, and there is a retro touch too.
The color palette used in this case is wide.We can see green, yellow, gray..
all mixed in the same room.
We can also appreciate a fun decor.
This apartment is characterized by a modern style decor with 
a retro touch.
The used of wooden chairs which is not common
in this style, makes the apartment get 
an eclectic decoration.
Grey shade on the wall mixed with modern photographs
gives this room a very modern effect.
Interesting golden rack.
Presence of white and grey in these furniture with soft curves.

Overall this apartment also includes details of vintage style, contemporary, urban etc...
so when you walk in it you can get the feeling of being in a cosmo city with mixes styles.
Also as I said above, another key point of this apartment  is what we would call the
"tidy chaos" since we can find different types of objects in every room of the house
placed "by accident"

So what do you think about this new style?
Would you use it at home?

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See you soon!

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