viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

A marriage proposal in NYC

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!
Today we bring you the first post of 2014, that we hope it will come full of good news
and great projects!

A few days ago I arrived from New York City, it was my second visit to the Big 
Apple and though every time you go you feel is special, this time without any doubt 
will remain in my memory.
My boyfriend of 6 years, have just asked me to marry him, and although I will not give
more details, I just want to share that it was very special, in the perfect place, with the 
best timing, and in the best possible way.

In honor of my commitment (because I obviously said yes) today I bring you a post about
a vintage marriage proposal in New York City inspired in the 50s.
It is a new subject that we bring here to the blog, and we are hoping you will love it.

In New York is very typical to get photographed once the
couple is engaged and announce the engagement in a national newspaper
like the NYTimes.

Hope you liked it, and see you soon!

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