martes, 28 de enero de 2014

An exclusive visit to the LC new office

I'm not very sure that all of you will know the person I am going to talk about today.
Her name is Lauren Conrad and she is a big celebrity in the U.S.A, I´ve already mentioned
her in the Blog before.

This girl became famous thanks to an MTV reality show which was about a group of friends
who were attending high school in Laguna Beach back then.
After this show came to an end, one character of all them was picked to continue a new
reality show about her/his life in Los Angeles.
This chosen person was Lauren Conrad, who back then wanted to become "someone" in the
Fashion world.
Nowadays, she has several fashion lines, plus a new decoration line. Often we can find on 
her website some tips for decoration and several DIY.

Her designs have all a romantic and very classic touch. It´s because of her exquisite taste 
why she is so successful and why I like what she does.
So today I want you to come with me to an exclusive visit of her Paper Crown office
in West Hollywood.
Recently she had remodeled it, creating a more efficient structure, though her previous
office was also stunning.

Let´s now take a look of the before and after pictures.

What do you think of this place as your every day working space? I feel so relaxed
just by looking a the pictures, and I believe that is what they were looking for. A free
stress environment place.

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