martes, 14 de enero de 2014

Top 10 Pantone colors for this Spring

It's just middle of January and I at least, can not wait for the Spring.
As we can not travel in time and get ourself to the future, we can just sit down and 
think about the Spring while the time goes by.
To make that waiting a little bit more fun, today I want to share the Pantone list 
of the top 10 colors for this coming Spring.

I can´t decide which one looks more beautiful, and now that I am starting to prepare 
my wedding, I am sure I will get ideas and some inspiration by looking to this
wonderful colors.
So please, brides of the World, take a look to this list and take some notes.

1) Dazzling Blue

Personally I love this color. I think it´s elegant and it will
always be the perfect option if you don´t know what to wear for 
a wedding for example.
It works very well with white.

2) Violet Tulip

This color can´t be more perfect for decorating a vintage-rural style event.
It´s romantic and sweet.
It mix well with grey and white.

3) Radiant Orchid

This one is very similar to the last one, but a little darker, which
helps to make the décor more serious.
It mix well with beige, burlap color and white.

4) Celosía Orange

Big change the one we´ve got here.
This color is pure energy, you just feel great looking at it.
It mix well with white and light grey.

5) Freesía

The color of the Sun...
For those people who don´t believe yellow means bad luck,
will have a great wedding décor by using this color.
It´s just wonderful.
It mix well with grey and white.

6) Cayenne

I think this can be my favorite color of this wonderful list.
I tend to use something similar when I have to design the look of my
blog, my shop, the logo, the wrapping for the shop...
I like it because is so light, sweet and sophisticated, and it
will match an outdoor wedding perfectly.
It mix well with mint,white, yellow...

7) Placid Blue

This delicate color just makes you feel rested and calmed.
It mix well with white.

8) Paloma

I think this is the best alternative for black.
It mix well with white.

9) Sand

Sand color is always elegant, and really trendy.
This past year everything was about decorating with burlap, and burlap
has a very similar color to this one.
It mix perfect with white and light pink.

10) Hemlock

The last of the Pantone colors, and one of my favorites.
Another color that I used when I designed the logo of my shop.
It always reminds me of Tiffany & Co and that means elegant.
It mix well with white.

Hope you liked the post!! Which is your favorite Pantone color?

See you soon!

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  1. dicen que el de este año es el orquídea radiante jaja, me hace mucha gracia el nombre pero el color no puede gustarme más... para este verano con mobiliario blanco y textiles en las terrazas... uff me voy a poner las botas jajaja :)