lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

Yes to the Animal print, or No?

Today on the blog we want to pop out a question... Yes or No to the Animal print? 
I ´ve personally never been a big fan of this type of design in its many versions, 
cow, leopard, zebra etc. ... but little by little they are getting into me.

When we use these types of designs (faux or real, that depends on you) we must be
really cautious, since we can get an elegant chic result, or create a real disaster 
by turning our house into one that would fit a rapper singer taste, by covering a whole
wall in leopard (and definitely we don´t want that).

So today we want to share some examples of how to use this prints as far fair, at home
in any room.

In the hall 

In the living room

In the bedroom

In the bathroom

In other rooms

So what do you think about the animal print to decorate a space in your house?

See you soon!

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