jueves, 9 de enero de 2014

Tips for designing your bathroom

Lack of space is often our big problem, especially for women, that we tend to 
accumulate and need more items and products than men in general.
It is especially in the bathroom where the nightmare appears, since we use several
products on a daily basis and yet we don´t have space to keep them all, because
unfortunately our bathroom is too small.

Today we want to share some tips (actually 8) for helping you design your bathroom
and also some ideas for gaining some space for keeping all those things that we need.

1) Use light colors
Light colors helps to increase the space feeling. We tend to feel the place is bigger
and less crowded than it really is.

2) Use just one sink
Even if you have enough space to place two sinks, which is what many women desires of,
just use one, you will gain a lot of space, and also we tend to use the edges of the sink
more than itself.

3) Place a small closet over the toilet wall.
It's the perfect place for not bothering you or taking much space, also since you place it
there, you can have a beautiful and big mirror on the wall over the sink.

4) Use the mirrors
As I mentioned in the previous tip, placing a mirror in a medium-large size, will give the 
room a sense of depth and luminosity.

5) Use shelves for storing the towels
The idea is to use small, thin shelves for placing the towels and other items.
Almost always there is space for placing one or two shelves of this style.

6) The bathtub
If you can live without a bathtub that would be best, since it takes a lot os space, but
if you can´t give up that, you can choose one which is narrower and deeper, and you
will gain some cm in your bathroom.

7) Tiles
Place tiles from the floor to the ceiling. We tend to put them just up to the middle of the
wall, and that just makes the space look smaller.

8) Keep it simple
Use simple decoration, just a few objects, and light colors.

And here we share some small bathroon, decorated with an excellent taste.

Also, as we mentioned above, today we wanted to share some ideas for storage in 
the bathroom.
Hope they will be useful.

Place towels, cotton etc ... out of your sight. Also you can place the 
toilet paper in a small basket, and it will save you some space inside the
Use furniture with several shelves to store things.
One entire wall turned into a bookshelf, is the best way
possible to gain space. Yes, you will need
a ladder to reach the top.
If you have space under the sink, you can store the towels as
in the picture.
You will gain some space and it looks great.
Small shelves like this ones, are very useful.
A great idea is to store the towels on a wine rack as in the picture. 
If you have a tub and you don´t want to give it up, you can use the space
between it and the wall for some storage as in the picture.

Hope you have enjoyed the post, and you will use these tips for yourself.

See you soon!

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