jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

DIY-Ombré dog feeder

Today we want to share a new DIY on the Blog. In this case this DIY is for our best friend
of four legs, who keeps us in great company, an makes us so happy.

This DIY is quite quite simple (as we always try them to be) and the result really looks
We all want the best for our small friend, an what could be best than making his feeder 
with our own hands and with a great style?

The result we are looking for is something like this. You can always make some changes
up to your taste.

What we need
-A small wooden pallet.
-Sandpaper (if board is old).
-Acrylic paint in your favorite colour.
-White paint.
-Paint brush.
-Craft paint sealer (optional

1) Sand down the pallet to remove any part that can damage your pet.
Once you are done, remove all the residue.
2) Mix your paints – to get the ombre effect you’ll need the full colour for Slat #1, a light
shade (your original colour mixed with white) for Slat #2 and white paint for Slat #3. 
Feel free to experiment if you want to paint every slat. 
3) Coat each slat with a number of coats, allowing each coat to fully dry before the next, 
until you reach desired coverage. 
4) Apply a craft paint sealant to all painted slats (if you want).
5) Place his water an food bowl on top of the pallet, and you are done!

Hope you´ve enjoyed this DIY!
See you soon!

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